“It has driven me from the beginning to get design right - bold,  honest and dynamic. My compulsion is to create something beautiful from the ground up - developing something with an incredible amount of passion and care - while getting the message clear”  Lisa Darlington


Examples of Work

SIGNAGE DESIGN - Flaveur Bread Cafe
Client - Flaveur Bread

Working off a sketch from the client for two window designs of a bakerman and a bright yellow cafe entrance sign.

Client - Whenua Ora

Logo design
Presentation and report design

Client - NZVoices Choir
Poster and flyer Design for print and electronic advertising
Pure Water Campaign (Personal Work)
Photography and Graphic Design to represent the beauty of New Zealand
Logo Design
Business Card Design
Client: Wendy Hodgeson - New Leaf
Garden Design and Maintainence

DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT  - 2017 Tour Campaign
Client - NZVoices Choir

Campaign Design for MFF
Posters, digital and print advertising
Illustration, photography and Graphic Design

Poster & Flyer Design
Client: Gypsy Craft & Angelface
Craft, health and skincare
Logo, poster/signage and presentation design for one kick inc - an art collective
  1. graphic design
  2. graphics
  3. graphic
  4. choirs

Visual Communication
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
NZ tour Campaign

Advertising Design including newspaper, posters, flyers and billboards.
Magazine Design Treeplay
Copywriting, Graphic Design, Photography and Publishing
50 pages
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Marketing, publicity and co-ordination and publishing
Graphic Design and illustration of a colouring-in book

Voices NZ Chamber Choir Auditions 2016
Direction and Design

Rise Natural Burials
Logo Design
Textile and Logo Design
Based on New Zealand imagery
Close up of Textile Design

Artwork Direction and Design, CD/DVD packaging
Client - NZYouth Choir

Poster and Brochure Design for NZYC Auditions 2016
Direction and Design

Natural Health Campaign - A reminder to breathe
on cards, billboards, IPAD's, Tablets and cellphones


Logo Concepts and Development for Mclaren Falls Festival

Concepts to communicate camping in the mountains/valleys and swimming in the waterfalls

Concept rejected by client

Final Logo accepted by MFF